Michiel & Arnout De Cleene - F#1-13

Michiel & Arnout De Cleene - F#1-13

Art Paper Editions

Arnout De Cleene & Michiel De Cleene

A gridded flag blew for thirty-nine days in Citadel Park, Ghent (Belgium).
F#1-13 is a collection of photographs, sculptures, wind barbs and texts.

# The [flag] is a uniform black grid on a white surface.

# [photographs of flags, 1-13] The flag was photographed every third day.

# [wind-barbs, 1-13] A wind sensor, attached to the flagpole, measured the wind direction and speed. The results of the measurements – taken at the same instant as the photographs – were plotted out using wind-barbs.

# [wireframes, 1-13] The photographic records of the flag form the basis for a three-dimensional, isolated rendition of the transformed grid as bent steel wireframes.

# [texts, 1-13] were written based on phenomena, dialogues, manuals, revelations and data along the side-lines of the process of capturing the flag.

# The uppercase, italicized and sans serif F in the [title] refers to a north-northeasterly wind of 20 knots coming from the direction of the flag and passing exactly between two nearby museums.

This book is made with the kind support of the Cultural Department of the City of Ghent, School Of Arts/KASK, Ghent and Smoke & Dust/019.
25 x 30,7 cm, 64p, ills b&w, paperback, english