Salvo #7: Vincentomania

Salvo #7: Vincentomania


Vincent van Gogh is considered the Messiah of modern art. The myth surrounding him has resulted in a gargantuan attention for everything he touched, wrote, made and passed by. This makes it sometimes hard to distinguish fact from fiction. Salvo resided for a month (April 2015) in Zundert, the village where he grew up and assimilated all kinds of stories that still live there. New stories were created; new facts were discovered. Slipcase with 5 booklets B5 (170x240mm)

Vincentomania I: Mythology of a Place, Images of a Bordertown

Vincentomania II: Starry Night, Salvo’s Reproduction Check

Vincentomania III: Van Gogh Against Time, The Engelen-Manuscript (1844-1845)

Vincentomania IV: 873, Drawing Nearer to Van Gogh

Vincentomania V: Salvo’s Potato Journal
25 x 17.5 cm, ills colour & bw, softcover, 4 booklets, English